The digitization process in which citizens, companies and Public Administrations are immersed allows us to carry out procedures more and more easily and quickly, even without having to leave home. But, in order to properly prove your identity when you do remote procedures, you must obtain the digital certificate . Do you know how to get it? Keep reading, we will explain everything to you!

What is the digital certificate and what is it for?

It is a digital document that proves our identity . In other words, when we use it, we are assuring the other party that it is really us and not someone else who are carrying out the procedure. Both national or foreign natural persons and legal persons can be identified through this system.

It is very useful, and more so now with the Covid-19 pandemic, since it allows us to do all kinds of public and private procedures without having to travel . With the digital certificate you can from filing and paying taxes to obtaining the work life report in the Social Security , as well as checking with the DGT if you have pending fines, requesting subsidies and even filing claims with the authorities.

Electronic certificate issuing entities

When it comes to obtaining the digital certificate, it is important that you bear in mind that Public Administrations only accept electronic means of identification that have been issued by service providers previously authorized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism .

How to request the digital certificate?

We are going to see step by step how to obtain the digital certificate. The easiest way to do this is through the National Currency and Stamp Factory .

Until recently, to be able to do the procedure properly, you had to necessarily use a Windows computer and browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla, but a recent update allows us to manage it from any operating system and with any browser .

The procedure is very simple, but to make sure you do it well, we recommend that you carefully read all the information that you are going to see on the FNMT website. Do not worry, because everything is very well explained and surely you will not have doubts.

Then you just have to click on “request certificate” and fill in the requested identity data:

  • NIF or NIE.
  • Surname.
  • E-mail.

You send the request and you will immediately receive an email with a request code . Now all you have to do is go to a registry office (on the FNMT website you can see the one closest to your home) with your DNI or NIE and the application code.

As soon as you have proven your identity at the registry office, you can download the digital certificate directly to your computer and start using it . What we do recommend is that you make a backup copy of it so that you do not have to do the whole procedure again if you have to format the computer and delete the certificate.

How is the backup done? Very easy. Open your browser and select “tools” – “Internet options” – “content” – “certificates”. Here you will see if you have the certificate installed. If so, export it to an external memory or to the Cloud and you already have your backup.

Once you have it, you will be able to do many tasks remotely, which will avoid wasting time when doing important procedures such as checking the points of your driving license or obtaining a copy of the income statement.