The small girls have six fashion combinations in the spring, full of college style, and stylish personality!

In the cold and not hot spring, if a small girl does not wear well, then there will be a very abrupt and bloated feeling, so you may wish to refer to the following groups to demonstrate.

1.Lace bow dress + pink sweater

The lace-up dress has a bow-tie dress, and the loose-fitting upper body has no restraint. Like the current weather, sometimes it feels a little thin, so you can mix it with a sweater outside, it has a certain warmth and pink. The color combined with white is also very good, letting you change the sense of sight of the 18-year-old girl in seconds, and also have a full academic atmosphere in the ageing.

2.Black shirt + plaid jacket + white A word leather skirt

In the winter, I have already worn a bloated coat, so I can change my taste in the spring. Oh, a thin, high-waisted white A-line leather skirt, even a small girl can wear a good proportion, both hip and hip. The version of the meat cover is matched with the black shirt and plaid jacket on the upper body, which also reveals the personality and fashionable breath.

3.Lace bow shirt + thin cardigan + plaid pleated skirt

In the gentle spring, you can wear more skirts. This group is a model with a full-age college style. The bow shirt with a tie is also used to reduce the age and make your sweetness sublimate again. The cardigan is paired with a simple sense of style, and the lower part is a plaid pleated skirt, so that you can control without a little pressure.

4.Striped hooded sweater + pleated skirt

What spring needs is a thin and neat skirt, a plaid pleated skirt, a typical A-line version, which can improve your waistline, so that a small girl can wear a good proportion, and then the upper body is striped with a hat. Sweaters match, so that not only has the effect of covering the skin thin, but the exquisite combination of combinations also shows a variety of charms to a certain extent, casually how to look can show the different styles of girls, let your girl burst into a shed.

5.Olive Sweater + Black A-Small Leather Skirt

In the spring, you can wear some representative colors. Like this olive-colored sweater, the loose version reveals a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. The little girl looks so cute and casual. Inclusive, it’s a good match with the black A-small leather skirt, so you can wear a good figure and also create different styles.

6.Chiffon Polka Dot Dress + Leopard Elemental Vest

Every year, there will be a retro craze. This spring is the same. This is not the case. The retro leopard vest has returned strongly. It is well matched with the chiffon polka-dot dress. It looks young and simple. Generous, and the combination of polka dots and leopard elements also makes the whole match not so monotonous, so that the little girls can stand out in the basic mix.

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