5 bloggers on the streets of Melbourne wear a mix of college style !

On the streets of Sydney and Melbourne, we can see college students holding books and wearing retro glasses of the 70s, and they are full of old stories, and they have some small surprises with canvas shoes. You can wear it like this! Come and find some of the skills you have forgotten from these energetic students.




A Mocha brown Chesca was caught in the sunny Sydney street! Still a college student, she took a Levin 501 retro tannin with a China-Girl T-shirt, holding the Comme des Garcons. A leather clutch and a second-hand necklace with a finishing touch on her plain coat make her look glamorous and youthful.



Annabel wears Levis’s coat and dark blue tannins, wearing a demin on demin style. At the foot of the Prada, a pair of white socks are placed inside the shoes. The overall look is retro and charmy. The cat sunglasses on her face let her see. It is very noticeable.



Melbourne’s college student Chloe wears a leather camisole with the color trousers of Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato. The messy long hair and amber sunglasses make her style more casual, and the tall figure is perfect. The pieces are designed to wear their own taste.



At present, Cloudia’s psychology is based on the simple Uniqlo turtleneck blouse, high-waisted plaid pants with retro belts, and the Louis Vuitton classic bag on the body, which makes the overall look look faint and elegant, tied to the fallen She has a short makeup on her short ponytail and is very temperamental.



Chessy, a college student from Melbourne, has a slick face, a favorite Italian football team jacket, a pair of Japanese designer Issey Miyake’s trousers, a pink pouch on Miu Miu, and a lightweight piece in a relaxed sports piece. The little bag makes the whole more pretty style.

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